Sack Incompetent Stormont Terrorists and Their DUP Partners Immediately: Charlie Freel


In any other occupation, profession, business, or corporation, with the incompetence, lack of meaningful productivity, untrustworthiness and ridiculous loss of capital funds, similar to that of the Stormont Assembly, those responsible would be immediately dismissed without notice, with total loss of all benefits, on the grounds of gross incompetence.

This dishonestly created, totally undemocratic, terrorist riddled, distortion of justice, was doomed for failure from day one of its shameful creation. Its constantly shaking foundations, were laid on top of the still unsettled graves of over three thousand innocent victims. It was dishonestly and shamefully created to appease, unappeasable, unrepentant terrorists, with total disregard for the innocent dead, maimed innocent victims and the innocent relatives of victims. It was shamefully created as a source of alternative, overpaid employment, for the sectarian unrepentant terrorists who had failed in their merciless attempts, to slaughter their way to an intolerant, republican dominated, united Ireland achieved by terrorism.


The British Government has a duty of care, to the ordinary decent people of Northern Ireland, to immediately disband this totally dishonest charade, of totally dysfunctional, gerrymandered government. It must immediately make it illegal for a convicted terrorist to be elected into a position whereby, they can inflict further suffering on their innocent victims, via the constant media attention and totally undeserved financial reward that, they are very publicly seen to be receiving, as a reward for their unrepentant

terrorism.    How can innocent victims ever be expected to, or hope to find

closure, as things shamefully stand at this moment in time?


There must be a return to the proven, functionally workable, single vote, non transferable electoral system. Then we can be assured we have a system of Government, capable of making decisions, while as the same time having an opposition capable of mounting concerned opposition, but without the ability to disrupt good Governance, with these ridiculously undemocratic, motions of concern.


Now is the time for all sincere Unionists, to abandon petty, party differences and petty, personal aspirations of political power, Country must be put before party, we must all unite again under the authentically original and undefeatable, principles and cause of Original Ulster Loyalism, “FOR GOD AND ULSTER”.


If we are sincere in our cause, then due to the ever increasing, intolerantly bigoted, sectarian, actions of militant republicanism, we must in all future elections ensure that only one, agreed, un- divisive, United Unionist, stands for each electoral seat.

Remember every split Unionist vote and every Unionist refusal to vote, is an extra vote for the IRA/Sinn Fein and an extra plank in their Trojan horse of delusionary equality.

Charlie Freel.



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