Tough Tactics on Terrorists-Let’s Round up the Radicals: Dr. John Coulter

Ireland’s spooks across the island need Dandy Dave and King Kenny to introduce internment of suspected jihadist radicals on both sides of the border if the Emerald Isle is not to have its own Charlie Hebdo massacre.


We are not combating the deadly Ebola virus with a sticky plaster and cough sweets, and as a society we will not be able to protect ourselves from jihadists with a ‘softly, softly’ approach.


So round up all the jihadists, launch a B Specials-style armed community police force, and allow it to use Black and Tans tactics against any and every suspected jihadist radical.


MI5 and the Irish intelligence community also need to stop behaving like frightened pussy cats and become more like the Israeli Mossad or the old East German Stasi secret police who knew everything about everybody.

Look at how the Mossad hunted down the Black September terrorists after they murdered Jewish athletes at the 1972 Olympics in Munich.


East Germany may now be part of a united nation, but it never suffered a terrorist campaign because of the excellent intelligence gathering Stasi activities.


The majority of British and Irish citizens want the political gloves taken off and an iron fist policy adopted towards jihadist terrorists from the likes of Al Qaeda, Islamic State, Hamas, the Taliban or Boko Haram, all of whom have been responsible for thousands of murders across the globe.


The Paris slaughter cannot be dismissed as a French problem. The American State Department has already warned there are at least six jihadist cells operating in Ireland because Shannon airport was allegedly used as a refuelling point for US planes taking jihadist suspects to Guantanamo Bay.


Sources within the Brits’ intelligence community suspect that dissident republicans have been trying to link up with Islamic terrorists for mutual training in the same way as the Provos got into bed politically with Palestinian extremists.


While MI5 head spook Andrew Parker boasted that most terrorist attacks in Ireland had been foiled last year, he warned it was unrealistic to expect every planned attack can be stopped.


Oh yes they can, Andy Boy, if you and all your spooks in Ireland act tough like the hero Parker from Spider Man and not the pathetic Parker puppet from Thunderbirds.


Internment became a dirty word in 1971 because it was based on outdated information. But if Dandy Dave and King Kenny can agree sweeping new snooping powers, the spooks can build up a comprehensive list of suspected jihadists to intern.


And that can be the solution to what to do with the Maze site – convert it into Ireland’s Camp X-Ray for processing all jihadist suspects.


And before the trendies in society start screaming about human rights, we need to remember that these jihadists don’t give a damn about human rights – even their own, when they use suicide bombers.


One of the most terrifying interviews I did recently was with a radicalised Muslim. They actually make the so-called republican and loyalist hardmen of the Irish conflict look like pussy cats.


The interview got off to a bad start when I referred to Al Qaeda as terrorists. “They are not terrorists! There are no terrorists in Ireland!”


What about police warnings about dissident republicans who have killed and bombed people, I asked. “Dissident republicans are not terrorists! They are like Al Qaeda; they are freedom fighters!”


But dissidents recently tried to send a letter bomb to the PSNI Chief Constable, I pointed out. “Did the bomb explode?” she snapped. When I said ‘no’, she said: “That’s because there was no bomb; it was all lies; propaganda put out by the American government!”


Who are the terrorists then, I queried. “MI5!” There was no point in continuing given the totally closed mind I was dealing with.



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