Progressive Unionist Party or Pink Unionist Party?



As someone who right from day one has always voted PUP when available, I am becoming increasingly alarmed by the media campaign being waged via the Guardian Newspaper, Republican websites and twitter, by those attempting toconstruct a “Pink Trojan Horse” within the PUP.    Personally speaking Ihave no problem with whatever immoral sexual activities these individuals get up to, in the privacy of their own homes, in the company of other willingly consenting ADULTS.
What I do object to is the fact that, support, for these anything goes immoral practices are being portrayed as policies, which are endorsed by the PUP as a party. If the PUP as a political party, still wishes to associate its self with the original unalterable policies of Northern Ireland Loyalism proclaimed within the Ulster Covenant and adhered to by the Ulster Volunteers of 1912 and the Ulster Volunteers of the seventies, IE,”FOR GOD AND ULSTER”, then it needs to make its position perfectly clear to the ordinary decent people of Northern Ireland and the World, regarding the basic Christian moral principles and the basic human moral principles proclaimed within the Original Ulster Covenant.
Unfortunately due to the deliberate efforts of Pink News, Republican web sites and twitter, the Guardian article has now been copied world wide as PUP supported policies.
The PUP, for its own electoral gain and in defence of our Forefathers staunch, basic Christian and basic human moral convictions must understand that, because the vast majority of Working Class Loyalists, do not support buggery, or any other form of fatal, disease spreading, sexual activity between homosexuals, bisexuals, or heterosexuals, THIS DOES NOT MEAN THAT THE LOYALIST WORKING CLASS ARE HOMOPHOBIC.
It also needs to understand that the Loyalist Working Class, because of their basic Christian and basic human moral principles, greatly treasure the sanctity of life for the unborn Child, while at the same time have the basic common sense to realise that, in some extreme circumstances, abortion is the right course of action for both Mother and Child, if the Mother so decides.The pink section of the PUP needs to stop spouting the intolerant declaration, that if you are not pro choice in every situation, then you have to be pro Life in every situation.    THE LOYALIST WORKING CLASS HAVE THE BASIC CHRISTIAN AND BASIC MORAL UNDERSTANDING AND RIGHT TO DECIDE WHAT, IS THE CORRECT COURSE OF ACTION FOR THEY, THEMSELVES.
In the case of immigration, the PUP needs to realise that, because the vast majority of the Loyalist Working Class are opposed to the present rampant, uncontrolled, immigration system swamping, solely working class areas. THIS DOES NOT MAKE THE LOYALIST WORKING CLASS RACIST.
Finally in the case of cultural hobbies, like the Irish Language and Ulster Scots, the vast majority of the Loyalist Working Class would have no objection to anyone taking up these cultural hobbies, in their own time and totally at their own expense.  However at the present time these cultural hobbies, are being misused as a political football by the IRA, to deliberately cause offence to the Loyalist Working Class, at the expense of unwilling tax payers. The totally useless Irish Language, is also being forced down some Children’s throats at school, at a time when Chinese, Polish, and other relevant languages would be of much more advantage for our children.  THIS DOES NOT MAKE THE LOYALIST WORKING CLASS ANTI-IRISH.
In short the PUP, needs to start proclaiming its policies on its own presently defunct web site and on other Loyalist Working Class web sites, so that the Loyalist Working Class do not have to depend on second hand, deliberately biased reports of PUP policies from republican and pink news sources.

Charlie Freel.




2 Responses to Progressive Unionist Party or Pink Unionist Party?

  1. Like you Charlie I have always supported and voted for the PUP whenever the opportunity arose through candidates standing in my council ward, my own father was a PUP councillor for Newtownabbey Borough Council too. After reading your blog regarding the ‘Pink Progressives’ I felt as though I had to respond to your own personal thinking regarding this imaginary ‘pink Trojan horse’, the very name of the party you’re writing about are called ‘The Progressive’, progress being the key factor here. You reference 1970′s, this is 2015, not 1970, 45 years later, the PUP have changed with the times, there’s no doubting they implement the ‘principles of loyalism’ in their ideology, the principles of loyalism is also taught to new members of the party also, diversity is the key to the PUP, always has been, it’s regarded as being swayed towards socialism, left of centre, I know many who were in the party and who are in the party who are far from being socialist minded, they are progressives, big difference, hence the name of the party, progression, progression is moving with the times, and times are changing, equality has overtaken traditional values, this is the world we live in today.
    I see no reference in the Ulster Covenant to not supporting equality and diversity, furthermore, if the PUP are to attract voters surely they need a new range of policies given that very few vote for them based on the principles of loyalism and more to do with the candidate being well respected in a particular area? I’d suggest this is how they gain votes, agree or disagree, the facts side with my analysis of voting patterns, so surely a change in manifesto to attract new voters? I know many loyalist working class who support LGBT, so you cannot state that the majority would be against LGBT, JulieAnn Corr Johnston proved that when elected to Belfast City Council, a huge statement from the loyalist working class that they have shown they move with the times and are PROGRESSIVE LOYALISTS. That old adage that ‘progression must be fully inclusive’ surely comes into play regarding LGBT being implemented by the conference in 2013? There are more new members in the PUP than ever before, they’ve broken, even shattered the UVF control that was once making the party tick over, parity of esteem has taken over. I’d still suggest the PUP are guardians of our legacy, with new ideals added to the four main principles of loyalism that have steered the party for so many years. JulieAnn Corr Johnston has highlighted the difference between civil marriages and civil partnerships’ and if the PUP really are the progressives they claim to be then surely this motion would be supported on the grounds of equality alone given the party has a long history in fighting inequality? If you’ve read any of her blogs on this subject you’ll see it covers pension payout on death, name change by deed poll only, adoption etc.
    Loyalism is marginalised itself from mainstream society, surely we should recognise others and their plight to get equality then? I’ll leave you with this Charlie, my fathers stepson is openly gay, many knew it, he accepted it, he was one of those 1970′s men you speak about, he was old school too, yet he was a progressive, he believed in equality, he’d support a motion that would grant his stepson the same right’s as any other marginalised citizens of this country. Progression must be fully inclusive, something we must get used to and accept in this new modern era, the times are changing, we need to change our mindsets.

  2. Thank you for your reply, I have a policy of not responding to those who are unwilling to put their name to what they write, but due to the serious, on going disrespect that, these so called progressives continue to display with regard to our forefathers and the Ulster Volunteers of the seventies, I will in your case make an exception.
    You have obviously missed the whole point of my article, for as long as the Progressive Unionist Party choose to associate and benefit from its ties to the Original Ulster Volunteers and the Ulster Volunteers of the seventies, then it must adhere to the only authentically original principles of the Ulster Volunteers and Northern Ireland, IE “FOR GOD AND ULSTER.
    The Homosexuals and the “Ideologically Born Again Loyalists”, who have infiltrated the PUP, must now have the courage to out themselves and renounce their present fraudulent claims of association with the Principles of original Loyalism and of the Original Ulster Volunteers and the Volunteers of the seventies.
    They can then legitimately and honestly adhere to the new long winded, diluted principles of PUPism which you refer to.

    It is totally hypocritical of these imposters, to prance about in top hats, flat caps, with ammunition belts, wooden rifles, UVF arm bands, UVF badges and UVF medals, with ——Wait for it,—–”FOR GOD AND ULSTER”, emblazoned proudly on them, during events to remember the sacrifice of our forefathers, if they are totally unwilling to honour our forefathers, by adhering to these self same principles , which so many of our forefathers died for.

    It is a totally hypocritical to demand the right of the Christian based, Orange Lodges, to be able to respectfully return their Banners home, if you are unwilling to adhere to the basic Christian message being proclaimed by, those self- same Christian Banners.

    As for your ludicrous assertion that young Julie Ann Corr’s election was in some way related to her homosexuality, Catch your self on.!! Both young Julie and Billy Hutchinson, owe their election success to the hard work they have both put in, on behalf of the Orange Lodges protest and their willingness to defend the right of our National Standard to be flown on the City hall, in the Capital City of Northern Ireland.
    In fact in the interests of honesty the truth is that, these two issues probably saved the PUP from extinction.

    As for your mad cap notion that the majority of the Loyalist Working Class, would approve of buggery, and all the other fatal disease spreading abnormal sexual activities that, homosexuals, bisexuals and in some cases heterosexuals get up to, again Catch yourself on.
    There is a world of difference between being tolerantly understanding towards people, who through no fault of their own, do not possess the ability to function in a proper sexual manner and approving of their sometimes very revolting activities.

    In much the same way as their mentor Gerry, the builders of the Pink Trojan Horse within the PUP, love the buzz word equality, but just for as long as it does not have to apply to them. They have the same mantra as the IRA, IE, “What’s yours is mine and What’s mine is my own.”
    They squeal about progression and the need to move on, with out ever having a clue where they are going.
    They squeal about equality for all minority groups. I wonder just how long it will take for the new Pink Unionist Party to progress to the point were, they are willing to offer unconditional equality to other minority groups with sexual abnormalities like, paedophiles and rapists, these unfortunate minority groups would also be able to argue for sexual equality, also on the same grounds that their abnormality was perfectly normal, because that’s the way they were born.
    Equality does not give anyone the right impose their immoral opinions or immoral sexual practices, on to someone else at the expense of that persons sincerely held basic human moral convictions.

    In conclusion with regard to your shameful, self- defacing declaration, that equality has overtaken traditional values, you have my sincere sympathies. The honest truth is that no amount of equality will ever enable buggery, or any other abnormal sexual activity, to be legitimately described as Gay in the real sense of the word, and no amount of equality will ever enable a same sex partnership to be legitimately described as Marriage in the real sense of the word either.
    Charlie Freel.