First and foremost Unionist politicos and Belfast County Grand Lodge are just not up to the job. Unionist politicos think that the shinners/provos war is over, they are such naive fools. As for the BCGL they are still stuck in the 19th century.

The bombing, shooting and killing phase of the shinners/provos war maybe suspended for now, as they have moved into a new phase a phase or war that gets them paid by the British to administer British rule, and I can say without fear of contradiction that they are doing a first class shoddy job at administrating British rule here, their new strategy is to divide and rule.

Be under no illusion the shinners/provos are waging a war, and it’s a good war, it’s a war on several fronts. It’s war on the streets, it’s a war at Stormont, it’s a class war and it’s a war in the media.

One of the main aims of this war is to further divide the PUL community along class lines by using parading and schooling. And I have to say they are doing a first class job of it, by using all the complex fronts above as a single strategy.

Unionist politicos are giving the impression that now that we have the Stormont assembly, the Good Friday agreement and the St Andrews agreement, and several polls that say a sizeable majority wish to stay within the UK, we are safe. These polls maybe factually correct, however the facts being played out on the ground and on our TV’s and radios day in and day out is very different.

The reality and the fact is that nothing has changed; the republican/nationalist sectarian war is on-going and intensifying. On Friday night Gerry Kelly in a TV interview claimed that a stretch of the Crumlin road is now exclusively romanist and therefore de facto republican, in essence a no go area for the Protestant Unionist Loyalist community. This claim rather than being rebutted is being given a hint of legitimacy by the parades commission determinations and how the psni police the area or not as the case maybe and its shinner/provo politicos.

Here is where the war is being won and lost, republicans have taken on board the situation on the street and in the polls and have now moved their politics and strategy to a new phase to use the weapons of parades and class to further alienate working class and middle class Unionists. They are back onto the streets but not in the mass civil disturbances of the 60’s and 70’s, but in a subtle and cunning way and drawing in reactionary Unionist Orange thinking, and they are using the psni, parades commission and residents groups as the spearhead in their war against the PUL community.

Unionist and the Orange Order need to wake up and start smelling the rotting smell of decay that is coming from the psni, the parades commission and the shinners/provos. They all need to be seen as the enemy and take nothing they say as genuine or binding.  We need to start using the system to defeat the system, why did they not take this irrational decision on Friday to the courts???? At every turn republicans use the system and the courts!!! Why can’t we??? Is it, it costs too much??? Will what cost the Union!!! Why can’t they have a list of people who are eligible for legal aid and get them to take the issue to the courts, republicans do it all over Northern Ireland, why can’t we???

The shinners/provos have got the psni, parades commission and media eating out of their hands with Ardoyne and Donegall Street and every other contrived flash point as their headline grabbers. And with every flash point we lose more and more support especially middle class support.

Not that the middle class don’t have their problems to with the shinners/provos, in the scraping of the 11+ and the inevitable scrapping of  grammar schools.

Each issue is being portrayed by the shinners/provos as mutually exclusive. We won’t help the middle classes because the shinners/provos have turned them against us, and they are turning their backs on us because of the parade disturbances. We don’t support the Unionist middle classes and they won’t supporting us, very cleaver stuff. The shinners/provos have made us into pariahs for the Unionist middle classes, with contrived continuous parades, bonfires, the blue bag brigade and irrational parades commission determinations and media performances.

Unless all sections of the PUL community come together we are a lost cause, and until the Unionist politicos especially Peter Robinson, wake up and starts smelling the feces that we are wadding in we will drown in it and I fear that day is not that far off.

A classic example of this can be found yesterday, Martin McGuinness was in Ardoyne to listen to the republicans. Where was the leader of Unionism Peter Robinson??? Is he so aloof being first minister that he does not feel the need to meet the working class PUL community on the ground in their heart lands, we are not important enough for the first miniter? Robinson does know where the Shankill, Twaddell Avenue, Woodvale, Crumlin or Ballysillan is? If he is never seen on the ground in his own constituency of East Belfast where he lives there is little or no chance he is ever going to find North Belfast???

Peter Robinson is not the leader that Unionism needs, and the DUP shenanigans at Stormont are an embarrassment, as for the Orange Order, it’s heading for irrelevance and I say that as a former member who left it in exasperation, however I still have the best interests of the Order at heart.

Let me relate a story told to me last week by a colleague. Paisley, had talks with the Tories prior to the signing of the St Andrews agreement. Paisley was aware of Cameron’s likely win at the next election and if there was a tight election result could the Tories relay on the DUP. Paisley was aware of Cameron’s willingness to bring in radical policies. Paisley asked if they form a government at Stormont would they be able to block homosexual marriage. Cameron was given that assurance. Weeks later we had a Stormont assembly. Paisley and the DUP put their own narrow theological religious interests before the greater good of the PUL community. We now have a Stormont assembly working to a shinner and DUP political and theological agendas, not an assembly working for or in the best interests of the majority, but for and to the narrow agenda of the two main parties.

As for the Orange Order I have contacted them with my concerns and ideas, and they are ignored. They are still living in the 19th century let alone the 21st century. They like the Unionist parties are reactionary and not media savvy, therefore letting the republican hoards run rings around them, and with their allies in the media we look prehistoric and obstinate.

The DUP would rather destroy any Unionist opposition than respect their alternative views, just look at the arrogance of the DUP at the Red Sky debacle and on the Maze issue.

The Loyal Orders are by far their own worst enemy that is why the republicans, the parades commission and the psni can run rings around them. They need to review their future strategy and reflect on where they want to be, not in the next few weeks but in decades ahead. And that goes for the DUP, UUP and the other Unionist parties, but that takes strategic thinking and to be honest we don’t have a walking talking thinking leader.

After the parades commission gave the determination for the Crumlin road, that there was to be no return parade. Did they work on the premise that if there is no home parade no one would want to use the Crumlin road to access the greater Ardoyne or Ballysillan???

Gerry Kelly described the area as a 100% catholic in a TV interview, and said (I Para phrase) “that they will not be walking up this road”. All fine and dandy Gerry, the implication being that men, women and children from the PUL who live locally can’t use this road, and they need Gerry’s or the shinners permission to use or make their way home along the Crumlin road???

If there is no parade the psni need to give assurances that those who wish to use or go to their homes in the greater Ardoyne and Ballysillan areas along the Crumlin road, who are on foot will be facilitated.

The parades commission and psni can’t demand that they all return home by 8pm, as they are private individuals going about their lawful business.

As for Kelly, I would suggest that Gerry Kelly’s rhetoric needs to be challenged as he stated that, that part of the Crumlin road is now the de facto, “independent Irish catholic republic of Ardoyne”.

All this has come as news to me as I use this area on an almost daily basis. Is this the shared space and future Kelly and the shinners keep telling me about??? I get the impression that when there is a catholic or nationalist/republican majority the shinners and local populous turn into a mirror image of the things they are charging Unionists and the Orange Order off. Strange how things go around.

Do I now need to ask Gerry’s or the shinners permission to access the area???

I find what Kelly said offensive as I’m sure will those from the PUL community who live and work around this area, and those who want to go home via the Crumlin road on the 12th night or any other time of the year for that matter.

Maybe I should put in a Gerry or shinner 11/1916 to get a determination to see if I can use the Crumlin road???

For Gerry in his, independent Irish catholic republic of Ardoyne. Here is an insight into my use of the now, independent Irish catholic republic of Ardoyne, I go to the car wash, I go to the Credit Union, I go to the library, I go to the chemist and shops, and go up and down the Ardoyne and Crumlin road on an almost daily basis.

Memo to self must Gerry says I must find new car wash, credit union, library, chemist and shops. Must now carry passport to check in at border control when wishing to enter the, independent Irish catholic republic of Ardoyne, on my way to and from home. As this new statelet is not part of the EU yet and as such there is no open border policy yet.

Lastly and more importantly, Gerry is playing to another gallery, he has an electorate to win back and to play up to. GARC have been giving the shinners a hard time in the “independent Irish catholic republic of Ardoyne” and Gerry and the shinners need to win back some credibility.

At every flash point Unionist politicos both MLA’s and MP’s should be there videoing the goings on of republicans and the psni. There should be a dedicated Orange Order or Unionist facebook and youtube page, just like the shinners have. Specifically dedicated to propaganda where eyewitness can give their testimony to counter republican propaganda. As for the Orange Order if they call people to protest they need to be there on the front line, not hiding at the Park Avenue hotel wining and dining.




  1. Frank Mullen

    Oh dear, possibly the worst blog I have ever read. Very funny though!

    Did you not attend school in your youth? I really can’t understand how someone could have so many spelling and grammatical mistakes.

    As for the idiotic ranting throughout your very funny blog, I can only guess that you are a very troubled and bitter individual who really should consider getting help from a professional.


  2. Frank Mullens pathetically petulant little outburst, is the typical well rehearsed response of an empty, pompous, would be academic. He is either unable, or to lazy to properly debate his disagreements with Rangers article, so he instead uses the old Republican tactic of slandering the messenger instead.

  3. Rangers 1640,

    I wouldn’t (as I am sure you won’t) worry too much what a republican who signs off with a TAl says. He, if anything, demonstrates the deep engrained sectarian/political hatred a section of Irish republicanism has for your community. It is the same mentality held by those who deface protestant churches and memorials to those murdered by Irish republican terrorism; their head would explode at the logical outworkings of a “shared society”.

    I am much more interested how you would answer a question from someone like me who doesn’t meet the criteria met two of the three PUL initials. OK, I am a Unionist but I have no great feelings for the OO or many other of the trappings of what is stereotyped as loyalist culture.

    Why should I worry about SF’s cultural war against Orangeism/loyalism/Protestantism?
    Not meant to be a provocative question, more a case of hoping you widen the discussion.