The Gerrymandering Alliance Party


On the 18th may 2011, Belfast City Council agreed to a 16 week public consultation, with regard to their policy of flying the National Standard of the United Kingdom 365 days a year at Belfast City Hall. This situation arose due to a complaint made to the EQIA, by the IRA representatives on Belfast City Council.


The results of the consultation were as follows.

Those in favour of the existing practice,= 15,240.

Total in favour of changing the existing practice,= 500.

There was also a separate consultation of council staff, the results were as follows.

Those in favour of the existing policy,= 70%.

Total in favour of change of changing the existing policy,= 30%.

There was also a separate consultation of trades people supplying the City Hall, the result was a large majority in favour of the existing National Standard Policy.

There was also a consultation of visitors, visiting the City Hall, the result was again a large majority in favour of the existing policy.


In a legitimate democracy the above results, would be considered conclusive, with the status quo upheld, I believe that it is obvious from the amount of consultations held, that the EQIA were hell bent on trying to find a legitimate method of appeasing the IRA representatives on Belfast City Council. This belief is confirmed by the fact that the totally unelected and undemocratic EQIA, then advised the Council that although there was a large majority in favour of the status quo, the consultations were not to be considered as a referendum of opinion. This means that the 16 week consultation was nothing more than an extremely expensive waste of Tax payers time and money and the EQIA, nothing more than an undemocratic unelected and expensive means of achieving a GERRYMANDERED RESULT, in favour of the IRA representatives on Belfast City Council.

The Alliance party, the SDLP and the IRA representatives on Belfast City Council, then colluded by using the gerrymandered EQIA report as a basis for lowering the National Standard against the democratically expressed will of the electorate. In doing so they have totally disregarded, Schedule 9, of the 1998 Northern Ireland Act, which requires that when making a decision with respect of policy, a Public Authority must take into account, any consultation carried out in relation to that policy. THE COLLUDING REPUBLICANS ON BELFAST CITY COUNCIL ARE CLEARLY IN CONTRAVENTION OF THIS ACT.

The totally undemocratic members of the Alliance party who colluded with republicans to lower the National Standard by means of a gerrymandered voting system, which was deliberately rigged, by leaving out the option of the democratically favoured status quo, have finally been exposed in their true colours.

As for the parasitic, professional self proclaimed intellectual media experts who have stated, that the gerrymandered lowering of the National Standard cannot be legally reversed, I would refer them back again to Schedule 9, of the 1998 Northern Ireland Act which states, When a Public Authority changes an established policy, a system must be established to discover the effects of that change of policy on relevant groups, over a two year period and if the original policy change has resulted in a greater adverse result than predicted, then the Public Authority MUST REVISE THEIR DECISION, to achieve a better outcome for the relevant groups.

Charlie Freel.



2 Responses to The Gerrymandering Alliance Party

  1. Charlie Freel

    Sorry, I neglected to add that, out of the 15,740 respondents to the EQIA CONSULTATION ??? only between zero and nine, actually supported the Alliance partys totally undemocratic and gerrymandered decision.
    The EQIA , I suspect were so embarassed by the lack of support for thir gerrymandered preferred option that, they were afraid to publish in their final conclusion, the exact number of respondents who actually supported their gerrymandered choice. I also suspect that that true number of respondents supporting theirs and the Alliance Partys TOTALLY UNDEMOCRATIC DECISION,, WAS MUCH CLOSER TO ZERO THAN TEN out of, 15,740. Thats the sort of Gerrymandered democracy we can expect from the Alliance Party, and David Ford, the undemocratic politically motivated Justice Minister in charge of the PSNI.
    Charlie Freel

  2. Surely Alliance knew that by voting for designated days they’d be reducing the flag flying from 365 days to 19 was it ? They must know that Sf and the SDLP ( who seem more Republican than Sf at present ) regarded the flag being raised 19 days a year as a victory for Republicanism . The very media shots of Republicans recording the flag being lowered is proof enough that this was seen as a victory for the pan nationalist front . Are Alliance that deluded not to think their act would be seen as a vicotry for Republicanism ? What really gets to me though is that Alliance councillors at City Hall are elected from a Unionist area , if you check the wards and councillors you’ll see what i mean , surely those from the wards the Alliance councillors were elected from would be against the decision to remove the flag given their mandate is from a working class area where UJ flags are flown on many occasions ? When i challenged Alliance regarding their decision just before the City Hall vote they asked me to come in and see them because they couldn’t answer my questions over the telephone , yet all i asked them was when did they ever consult their electorate regarding the UJ at city hall !! If you check their last local council manifesto regarding Belfast it has no mention of the UJ being removed , far from it !! So i challenged them to prove to me that they haven’t duped the many Unionist voters who jumped from the UUP and DUP to vote Alliance by removing the flag .. Still awaiting a reply even though they took my email address . Allaince tried to play the good guys here , yet they have stripped away another but of British identity so that others can feel more Irish and get us to feel less British .. It is time they admitted they made a huge huge mistake by doing what they did , i just hope people remember this when the next elections arrive and give Alliance a clear message that their hypocrisy will never be tolerated again by any strand of Unionism ..