Robert Allen asks When does a protest stop being a protest?

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When does a protest stop being a protest


3 Responses to Robert Allen asks When does a protest stop being a protest?

  1. Charlie Freel

    In short Robert, a protest stops being a protest, when the cause of the protest is seriously addressed to the satisfaction of the protesters. Robert, although no doubt well intentioned, is actually joining the ranks of the devious opponents of democratic peaceful protest, by asking the protesters to solve the problem. The solution of the problem is the duty of the overpaid incompetent Politicians who caused the protest in the first place, by their totally undemocratic removal of the National Standard of Northern Ireland from the City Hall, in the National Capital of Northern Ireland. Robert mistakenly supports the devious dishonest claims of the Alliance party, by repeating their lie that, the National Standard was lowered by democracy. No decision of such magnitude should have ever been contemplated, without the consultation of the electorate. The only offical consultation carried out resulted in a massive reply of support, for the retention of the National Standard. The result of the consultation was disregarded by the, IRA/Alliance undemocratic colloboration, on Belfast City Council.
    The Alliance party has recieved votes and obtained seats on Councils, the Assembly and even a seat at Westminster, under the false pretence of being a unionist party. They have never stood before the Electorate with a manifesto publicly declaring their intention of support, for the lowering of the National Standard in the Capital City of Northern Ireland.
    The Alliance party has also gained an extra ministry to which they are not democratically entitled to, in the Assembly. ( even by using the gerrymandered undemocratic rules of the Assembly. ) The Justice Ministry was deviously obtained by the Alliance party, on the false grounds of being an unbiased safe pair of hands. The undemocratic actions of the Alliance Party with regard to the lowering of the National Standard, and the fact that they have been publicly urging the police to take tougher action against the peaceful protesters, who have been forced out onto the streets, by the undemocratic and treacherous actions of the Alliance party, proves that they are not fit for office.
    There has been deliberate collusion by some of the local Media on behalf of the undemocratic Alliance party and deliberate obviously blatant lies being printed by the Sunday World, with regard to the numbers supporting the Saturday protests at the Belfast City Hall.
    It is essential for everyone involved in the protests to remain peaceful, we are in possession of the democratic and moral high ground, we must not allow the attacks from republicans at interfaces, or the deliberately aggressive behaviour of the Alliance justice ministers police force, to incite the retaliation that they desire.
    We must not allow the treacherous never never never, empty Grand Old Duke of Yorkers, or their IRA partners in plunder to divide us, by false accusations of having a sinister political agenda. Remember we are all United Ulster Loyalists, from all the different strands of Loyalism, United in the defence of our democratically chosen National Standard. Anyone speaking on behalf of our protest, must not allow our enemies to use our own individual Loyalist aspirations, as a devious weapon to undermine our unity.
    In 1967 as an eighteen year old Royal Ulster Rifleman, I was sent to Gibralter with the Royal Ulster Rifles, by the British Government. We were sent to defend the democratic right of the Gibralterians to decide their own future, In the face of the threat of invasion by Franco and the massed armies of Spain.
    That threat lasted for two years, during which time the people of Gibralter painted absolutely everything that didn’t move, Red White and Blue. The fearlessly loyal people of Gibralter flew Union Jacks from every house, knotted at one end, to the Flag of Gibralter and a sign saying, “LET NO ONE DARE UNTIE THIS KNOT.”
    We must apply that same fearless united determination, to peacefully defend the right of the National Standard to be flown from the City Hall in the National Capital of Northern Ireland, and like our forefathers we must remain ready to defend by use of force if neccessary, the democratic right of the people of Northern Ireland to decide their own future.

  2. John Stevenson

    Robert, your comments on the current situation regards flag protests are probably reflected across a good number of interested parties. There are no easy answers for our community on this issue and indeed on many other issues of concern. There is no doubt that the arguments from within the PUL community are being silenced or mis-represented by mainstream parties or the media and this has has been the case for a considerable time.
    You have noted that there is no sign of leadership forthcoming from within the PUL community or any sense of vision on the way forward. I would disagree on this point. You will be I am sure, aware of the Principles of Loyalism document. Although 10 years from initial issue, the scenario is pretty much the same. Is this still the way forward for the PUL? Can this document be revitalised and disseminated throughout the PUL community for reference and guidance?
    The PUL community have ownership of this document, it was written with their interests in mind. Maybe now is the time to revisit and regenerate.


  3. Robert Allen

    As usual, very interesting comments Charlie. I agree with you that the decision on the flag should never have been taken if there was any point in the public consultation. The consultation came back with a large majority stating they had no issue with the flag. Therefore, going ahead with a vote to take the flag down after the consultation was undemocratic otherwise why have the consultation. However, the people who made the decision on the flag were voted into their seats in City Hall and I just hope the people of Belfast realise it will be the lack of votes for these same people which will take them out of City Hall.
    John I agree with you that The Principles of Loyalism should be disseminated throughout the PUL community. I think it would be an excellent way to get a strong forward thinking message for Loyalism out there. I’d like to see it used, not just for reference and guidance but as a training programme to challenge the young and community groups to start getting politically active.
    Maybe the PUP could develop this and with their current leadership I hope they can start to show the way forward, out of the shadows of the old opportunistic Unionist parties.