Fifty Eight Delegates: William Ennis

From my forthcoming book

Fifty Eight Delegates

Civil and religious liberty are natural and fundamental rights that must be promoted and defended by all who claim the title of Loyalist (From William Mitchell’s Principles of Loyalism document, 2002).

It was one moment I shall never forget, one of those occasions when the heart pounds and every second becomes an eternity.  A feeling so terrifying I can still summon it today as I reminisce.

I had been involved in the counting of hands in the only resolution so tightly debated that a careful count was necessary.  Julie-Anne Corr had proposed that our party should support the campaign for gay people to have full marriage rights, and the vote would be far from unanimous.  For months five of us had met in the PUP’s East Belfast office and rehearsed the debates, battered the arguments, doled out bucketfuls of mock abuse toward Julie-Anne as she stood at our makeshift lectern, drafted and redrafted her presentation, leaked, and then championed the proposal to less sympathetic Loyalists through social media, and now, at the chairman’s table at party conference 2013 the chairman was totting up the delegates’ votes.

The resolution passed, by fifty eight delegates to thirty six.  Being stood upright at the back of the room I had a full view of the hustle and bustle, as the reality of what had just happened spread through the hall with a ripple of murmur and activity.  Johnny Harvey who was sat half-way down the seated area to my left simply turned in his seat to face me, and as I noticed his gaze he picked up on my delight, smiled, and fired a satisfied wink.  Julie-Ann, Kerry Johnston, Ian Shanks and Ysabell Giles each made a clambering bee-line for the door as I was clutching for my phone determined to let the world know of this development via twitter.  I then joined them outside.  Our equal marriage committee re-united in victory.

I think I was the only one whose joy didn’t present in tears.  Instead, I broke from the group embrace with what must have been an absurd smile, akin to the ones used nowadays to punctuate text messages.  Dr. Stephen Baker, a professor of media who would address later PUP conferences, arrived to join the conference and began conveying his apologies for being late only to stop mid sentence curious at the drama spilling out before him.  I composed myself enough to explain the cause of our elation.  I managed to explain to him that we were the first small group of people to convince a Unionist party in Northern Ireland to embrace equal marriage rights for gay people.

The small group of people to which I refer are all still friends today, we are still active campaigners, and we are all Political Loyalists.

William Ennis


2 Responses to Fifty Eight Delegates: William Ennis

  1. William’s first misapprehension is of course his assertion that the principles of Authentic Ulster Loyalism, were originated by Billy Mitchell, in 2002. If William had taken the trouble to read the writings on the walls, at last Saturdays fantastic, 36th Ulster Division commemoration parade, then he would have realised that Billy Mitchell, was merely stealing the cloths of our forefathers, and then adding to them an overcoat of long winded reinterpretation, designed purely to accommodate those within fraudulent Loyalism, who can not accept the God, in For God in Ulster.
    At long last William Ennis has come clean on the devious preparation that, was covertly carried out within the Trojan Horse section of the East Belfast PUP, as they prepared to launch their deviously pre-planned, party splitting, motion of support for, the redefinition of the legal definition of Marriage, as democratically and morally chosen and observed, by the people of Northern Ireland.
    This devious motion, was sprung on a mainly unsuspecting PUP, membership at an AGM, with out prior notice to the grass roots membership of the party, by as William admits the well rehearsed, pre-planned conspirators of the divisive Trojan Horse, within the East Belfast PUP.
    The covert winks, that were exchanged as admitted by William and the rush for the door to participate in covert, internal celebration by the jubilant conspirators, is further proof of their devious, divisiveness.

    The totally charming, beautiful and sincere, Julie Ann Corr, was totally misused as the charm offensive, to entice ordinary impartial and unsuspecting PUP members into supporting this motion, which our Forefathers,the founders of Authentic Ulster Loyalism would have found totally repulsive.
    I strongly suspect that, if the main speaker in support of the motion had been, someone like the sleazy, Stephen Fry, then both in and his motion would have been hammered.

    I have said it before and I will say it again, the East Belfast PUP, needs to immediately put its house in order.
    Civil and Religious Liberty for All within the law, also implies that people must also have the Civil and Religious Liberty, to refuse to promote, support, or participate in any practice, or behaviour, that contravenes their own sincerely held, basic human moral principles.
    If the PUP ever hopes to progress as a meaningful force with in Protestant Working Class area’s, then the PUP is going to have to realise that, the vast majority of the Protestant Working Class although not sincerely practicing Christians, still have the faith of our Forefathers in God, as our Creator and Jesus Christ as our Saviour.
    The Protestant Working Class, have an deeply ingrained sense of Basic Human Moral Decency, which means that, it does not give its support or its vote willingly to anything goes, Godless, or Humanly Immoral, political parties.
    The PUP needs to realise that issues of Faith, Marriage, Sexual behaviour, abortion and immigration, are all matters of personal, individual conscience, covert attempts to make any of these issues, hard and fast party policies, by fraudulent party members flying false colours, will only succeed in continuing to cause division within the party and continually make the PUP unelectable by the Protestant Working Class.
    Instead the PUP needs to progress, proclaim and defend the Union, as overwhelmingly desired by the vast majority of the ordinary decent people of Northern Ireland.
    They must progress, proclaim and defend, the National health service, with a pro-active policy of training and employing our own unemployed young people as Doctors, Nurses and carers.
    An equal Education Service free from the discriminatory waste of valuable funds on unaffordable, divisive and totally useless, Irish Language Schools, and teachers.
    A welfare system that truly looks after and provides for the genuinely needy in our society and positively seeks to root out the professional spongers that, make a fat living out of depriving the genuine needy of the funds that would make their lives better.
    A progressive proactive program of training in genuine meaningful apprenticeships, for all our young people on immediately leaving school, instead of the present soul destroying,automatic conveyor belt, school to dole system.
    A genuine progressive social housing, building program, aimed at helping young people to stay if they wish, within the area of their upbringing, without having to pay the extortionate rents being demanded at the moment by private landlords, with the end result being that these young people can never hope to have a home of their own.
    A genuine progressive attempt to end the ever growing list of our young people who are ending their lives by suicide, as a result of our shameful tolerance of drug dealers here in Northern Ireland. If the genuine progressive will was there, it could be ended tomorrow by the closing down of all the legal drug outlets, and by progressively encouraging and helping the general public, to supply the police with the information and the evidence to identify and convict all the drug dealers.

    In the business sector, there is an absolute fortune in tax payers money being wasted on putting false shop fronts, on empty business premises, especially in working class areas. The end result is that these premises will never be opened for business again.
    These shops could be let out to unemployed young people, free of rent and rates for a set period of time, as a start up business, on the condition that the premises were kept well maintained and as an enhancement of the area.
    The list of genuine socialist policies is endless, for a genuine Progressive Unionist Party, that is willing to free itself from the divisiveness of its fraudulent members and their covert agendas.

    In short if we the Protestant Unionist Working Class, spent half as much time, effort, and money, striving for a glorious future, as we spend on celebrating the glorious past of our Forefathers, then that, would be real and meaningful Progressive Unionism.

    Charlie Freel.

  2. Great article William and much for the unthinking critics of loyalism to ponder on.