Vanguard Bears Show Support for Ardoyne Protesters

Vanguard Bears, like many other Rangers supporters groups, has strong links to Ulster and as such we are fully aware of the ongoing daily protest at Ardoyne, where loyal people are being denied their human right to walk past Ardoyne shops to their homes as they have done so for decades as part of The Twelfth celebrations.

Protesters have been there every day since this past 12th of July and there appears to be no sign of it ending soon.  With that in mind, Vanguard Bears members agreed to offer some financial aid, assisting our friends and comrades in their time of need.

In the space of just a few days the magnificent sum of £560 was raised.

This money was handed over to the Twaddell And Woodvale Residents Association (TAWRA) by Progressive Unionist Party leader Billy Hutchinson – representing Vanguard Bears – this evening, and will go towards much-needed hot and cold drinks, sandwiches, biscuits, chocolate etc. for the resilient and impervious protesters.

As well as the above, Vanguard Bears has also supplied 1,000 Rangers rosettes to TAWRA to assist in future fundraising.

Our friendship with Ulster’s loyal people is one that will never wane.

Hands Across The Water.


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