The ACT Initiative – Bobby Rodgers Fundraising Event

Sunday 19th May saw two teams of ACT volunteers from the Greater Shankill and South Belfast take part in a charity football match at Ballysillan playing fields with all proceeds going to Bobby Rodgers and his family. A great crowd turned out to watch two teams who were committed to win but also determined to enjoy themselves.   The first 20 minutes of the match saw the over 40s take to field before standing aside to let the younger lads take over, credit must go to those over 40s who completed the 90 minutes. The match ended up with a 5-0 scoreline in favour of South Belfast but the (unfit) Shankill team battled on to the end. After the match both teams and the supporters retreated to the Liverpool Social Club for an afternoon of entertainment and relaxation. The match was organised first and foremost as a fundraiser but turned out to be much more, the friendships made between the two groups will last forever and both ACT groups look forward to working together for the benefit of our communities.

Greater Shankill ACT would like to thank the following for their kind donations, Hideout Bar, South Belfast. Mountainview Tavern, Shankill Road. Mountainview Social Club, Woodvale. Liverpool Social Club, Woodvale. The Four Step and our friends from Stirling, Scotland.  All proceeds raised will be at the disposal of Bobby during his period of incarceration.

We look forward to the return match!

Greater Shankill AAG



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