Loyalists Should Get Behind PUP.

Wouldn’t’ it be fantastic if the huge crowds that turned out on Saturday to remember and give thanks for our glorious past, could be encouraged to put as much time, effort, money and enthusiasm into fighting for a glorious future for the Loyalist Working class, by immediately mobilising in support of the PUP under the honest and sincere leadership of Billy Hutchinson.

And as for Craigavon House, where better to house a Loyalist Museum to commemorate the Volunteers of the early nineteen hundreds and the Volunteers of the seventies.

As for the so called unnamed, supposed leading figures from the UVF/RHC, who the Belfast Telegraph claims are supportive of Jackie McDonalds wish, to be part of the farcical peace and reconciliation centre, that is to sit alongside the republican shrine to terrorism at Long Kesh— I would say —think again.

I am still personally in contact with many of the old former prisoner Volunteers of the early seventies, and they are unanimous in their opinion that the entire Long Kesh site should be bulldozed to the ground.    To retain any part of it to satisfy the IRA, would be an absolute insult to the memory of the thousands of innocent victims of the conflict and to the memory of our own fallen Volunteers.

This so-called peace, which the DUP/IRA partnership, claim we should be so thankful for, is in reality nothing more than a temporary sham peace as far as the IRA are concerned.  As for genuine reconciliation, it has proved to be totally nonexistent in the real  language and behaviour of Republicanism.


Charlie Freel


One Response to Loyalists Should Get Behind PUP.

  1. While agreeing with you regarding the huge turnout on Saturday , which lined every street of East Belfast to see those worthy of the name Ulster Volunteers , i honestly think the electorial breakdown of those people would see small pockets from different areas making one huge crowd . What the PUP need to do is attract voters from right across the Unionist/Loyalist community . There are areas that can gain the PUP seats due to working class loyalists making up more or less the entire electorate in that ward . Shankill , Donegall Rd and Lower Newtownards Rd being examples. What is needed is those from outside W/C Loyalist areas questioning themselves and asking what does mainstream Unionism do for me , if honest their reply will be virtually nothing..These are the people the PUP must try and poach away , the sheep . Areas like Monkstown are bordered by middle class Jordanstown and Carnmoney , yet the PUP have triumphed here before , with the right candidates and right people backing them i can see the PUP reaching double figures with seats in Belfast , Ards , Bangor , Carrickfergus , Mid Ulster , Newtownabbey etc. The flag issue has been handled very well by the PUP , as has other issues regarding the future including the Maze redevelopment which will open up avenues to voters who would have never voted PUP before. Billy H has a great team of forward thinking ideologists around him at present , we’ve seen people like Winston Irvine come of age , others have stepped up to the plate and have taken active roles within the PUP , the youth wing has been developed and i’m led to believe is prospering very well , a good young debating team being run by a young ideologist from Donegall Pass who is the son of an ex Prisoner. As i said before , the next election is a make or break for the PUP , if they fail , what’s next for them ???