Brian Rowan on Protests.

Once again Brian Rowan the self-appointed de-commissioner of UVF arms and Volunteers has raised his head above the parapet.( for financial reward as usual. )  In his latest thinly veiled  attack on the Loyalist Working Class, published in the 27th of December edition of the Belfast Telegraph, Rowan accuses Billy Hutchinson of using the Loyalist Working Class National Flag protest as a manoeuvre, to put the PUP back on the political stage.


Wrong again Rowan, it was the cancerous, anti- British greed of the IRA infiltrators on Belfast City Council, aided by their undemocratic Alliance party accomplice’s, that placed the PUP back on the political centre stage, as the only Unionist party willing to unconditionally stand side by side, with the Loyalist Working Class defenders of the National Standard of Northern Ireland.  Billy Hutchinson rightly points out that this latest assault on Loyalist Working Class Culture, is just the straw that finally broke the camel’s back.   The totally undemocratic, gerrymandered assembly at Stormont, was supposed to be a means of uniting the peaceful majority of the ordinary decent people of Northern Ireland.   It has instead became as far as the IRA is concerned, nothing more than a devious underhand means of trying to achieve a United Ireland by continual deception and the perpetual erosion of Loyalist Working Class Culture.  The IRA terrorists who subjected the ordinary decent people of Northern Ireland to 40 years of pointless indiscriminate slaughter, are now employed up at Stormont by the British Government, as politicians, political advisors, bodyguards and drivers.  They have in fact become British civil Servants, complete with all the  extravagant wages, holidays, pensions, perks and severance rights of British Civil Servants, all financed unwillingly by the taxpaying innocent victims of their 40 years of indiscriminate slaughter.( The collusive silence from Brian Rowan and the rest of the media parasites has been deafening )
The thousands of ordinary decent Working Class Loyalists who voted in good faith for genuine peaceful co-operation via the Good Friday Agreement, have finally realised that this undemocratic, gerrymandered assembly of IRA terrorists and self-serving Grand old Duke of Yorkers, is nothing more than a convenient detour by the IRA, on their attempted route south.
Rowan in his article finally admits, that the Loyalist Working Class Flag Protest is not being organised by the UVF, yet at the same time attempts to deny individual UVF members the right to participate peacefully in the protest.  In one paragraph he states that the UVF need to go away in a manner that is believable.       In the next paragraph Rowan finally hits new heights of lunacy, ( even by his lofty standards) by suggesting that the UVF and the UDA, should return again from Rowan imposed exile, to use their authority and “THEIR CLOUT,” to remove the peaceful Loyalist Working Class Flag Protesters from the streets.

I suggest that is the profiteering Brian Rowan and the gerrymandered, IRA infiltrated assembly at Stormont, which need to go away.

Charlie Freel.


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