New Book Of Poems by Ex-Prisoner

Next week sees the launch of a new poetry booklet.  Written by Beano Niblock the book contains 13 original poems and is titled The Battle at Oldbridge and other poems.  A number of the poems have previously appeared on this website and each poem is accompanied by a precis explaining a little of the subject matter.


3 Responses to New Book Of Poems by Ex-Prisoner

  1. Charlie Freel

    Well done Beano, hopefully this is just the first of many and each one annother nail in the coffin of the republican false propaganda machine. You need to log where and when the book can be obtained.

  2. Good to see Beano has finally compiled some of his poems in print. I await news as to when and where we can purchase his booklet.

  3. I purchased the booklet at a function on Friday night. It is an excellent piece of work and hopefully the beginning of something whereby ex prisoners can get their work published for the world to see. This just shows how easy it can be done and hopefully some day we will see a Web Shop on here where members of the public can purchase material from a loyalist perspective. Well done Beano, look forward to the next one.